Civil law – real estate, family law

Attorney's office Olšavský Legal provides a wide range of legal services in the area of Civil and Family Law.

We arrange the following

  • Recovery of claims (actions, representation, advice).
  • Representation of natural persons and legal entities in out-of-court settlements and legal proceedings.
  • Cancellation and settlement of joint ownership (drafting of agreements, consultations, cancellation of co-ownership, arrangement of co-ownership, representation in court proceedings) according to the Civil Code.
  • Cancellation and settlement of unmarried co-ownership of spouses (consultation, drafting agreements, cancellation of co-ownership, co-ownership arrangement, representation in court proceedings).
  • Transfers of ownership rights to immovable property and movable property (purchase contracts, donation, exchange and other), draft sales contracts and other models of contracts, representation in cadastral proceedings, drafting of contracts according to the Civil Code.
  • Authorization of a contract with a lawyer - We authorize contracts for the transfer of real estate (purchase, gift, exchange, co-ownership).
  • Securing obligations - backup contracts, liability, security transfer of rights and others under civil law.
  • Invalidity of legal acts (unilateral (eg, invalidation of testimony, wills, excuses), bilateral (treaty, agreement)).
  • Liability for damages and unjust enrichment (actions, representation) under civil law.
  • Development of contracts under the Civil Code (contracts for future contracts, purchase, donation, commemorative, work, loan, rental, rent, commodity, transportation, brokerage, etc.).
  • Resistance to legal action under the Civil Code.
  • Neighboring disputes (land, real estate, movables and others).
  • Protection of property rights (actions, representation in proceedings) under civil law.
  • Retaining property, movable property (lawsuit, representation).
  • Deduction (counseling, actions, representation in inheritance).
  • Protection of personality (actions for waiving of unauthorized interventions, elimination of consequences, compensation of non-material damage in money).
  • Assignment of receivables, debt collection, accountability, redemption of claims under civil law.
  • Representation in Enforcement.
  • Representation in proceedings for damages caused by the state administration body pursuant to Act no. 514/2003 Coll. on liability for damage caused by the exercise of official authority.
  • Preparation of a proposal for marriage divorce and representation in court proceedings for divorce and modification of parental rights and obligations.


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